Myleene Klass didn't want to reunite with Hear'Say because she resented being the one left to deal with their messy break-up.

The 'Pure and Simple' hitmakers - which also included Kym Marsh, Suzanne Shaw, Noel Sullivan and Danny Foster - mark 20 years since they were formed on TV show 'Popstars' this year and though they had been rumoured to get back together, the 42-year-old pianist turned down an approach, partly because she was very busy, but also because she's still unhappy about how things ended.

Kym quit the group in December 2001 amid rumours of tension between her and Myleene, but failed to tell her bandmates before the news was made public, creating a "bitter" atmosphere.

And Myleene said: "You've got to remember though, for me, I feel like I was the last to leave the band as I was the one to turn the lights out in the office.

"I had to walk into a massive brand [meeting] and they said, 'What are we gonna do now? We've got half a million Easter eggs and there's five of you on them' and I'm 21 years old going, 'umm'.

"They want their money back and I'm like, 'I don't have it. I assure you I don't have that money for your half a million pound easter egg deposit'.

"Every day there is a member depleting, so I remember having to close down the books on that kind of stuff, shut down the accounts."

Myleene also revealed Suzanne visited her at home last year to urge her to take part in the reunion, but she wouldn't change her mind.

She told Sink The Pink's 'Pop Tarts' Instagram Live: "There was definitely talk last year. Suzie came to my house just to have the discussion. I said, 'look at the minute, I have so much on'."

The 'Dancing On Ice' contestant recalled how devastated she was when the band - which ultimately replaced Kym with Johnny Shentall - went their separate ways.

She said: "It's funny, isn't it, because it's 20 years ago. So, if I asked you what happened around the photocopier in the office 20 years ago, you can't really remember.

"But, of course, it was sad when it ended because we thought we were going to be bigger than U2. Well, I did. I don't know what everyone else thought."

Despite Myleene's repeated public refusals to be part of a reunion, Kym recently insisted they will mark the milestone in some way.

She said: “We’d like to give a little nod to the fact that it’s 20 years.

“What we’ll do, I have no idea.

“But we’d like to do something to mark the occasion – we’ll have to wait and see…