Myleene Klass became "obsessed" with her teeth after they started "wiggling around and all sorts" during her pregnancies.

The Classic FM DJ is very careful about her oral hygiene after getting a brace to correct them after they got "unhinged" during when she was expecting.

She told Top Sante magazine: "I've become absolutely obsessed with my teeth! I don't know how it happened - but my teeth really did become literally unhinged during my pregnancies and were wiggling around and all sorts! So, I decided to get them sorted out by having a fixed brace put in the back. The thing is though, when you get a brace, you've got to be very careful about oral health, so I started flossing properly and doing all the things you're meant to do to take care of your teeth, and it's become a bit of an obsession!"

The 45-year-old star put on four and a half stone whilst pregnant with her youngest child due to taking "so many hormones".

The former Hear'Say star, who has since lost the weight she gained whilst pregnant with her son Apollo, whom she welcomed into the world with fiance Simon Motson in August 2019, has learned to appreciate her body and how it has got her through her "toughest days".

The mother-of-three - who also has daughters Ava, 15, and Hero, 12, with ex-husband Graham Quinn - said: "My body changed when I had children. I've been pregnant seven times, which is a lot on a person's body, and during my last pregnancy, I put on four and a half stone because I'd taken so many hormones. It was awful - I went through so much physically and emotionally. But when you push your body to the max, you also see what your body can achieve, so I've got a great deal of respect for this body, and I'm going to be extremely kind to it because it has seen me through the toughest days."