Myleene Klass found it "incredibly emotional" taking her four-year-old son to Disneyland Paris.

The 46-year-old musician had previously visited Walt Disney World Resort in Florida when her daughters Ava, 16, and 13-year-old Hero - who she has with ex-husband Graham Quinn - were younger and she's had an extra special holiday this week by taking the pair, along with her little boy Apollo and fiance Simon Motson to "revisit the magic" in France.

She said: “There’s something truly special about revisiting that magic together.

“You’re never too old for the enchantment of Disney and seeing it through Apollo’s eyes for the first time was incredibly emotional. The atmosphere at Disneyland Paris is infectious, you yourself revert back to being a kid.”

Now her daughters are getting older, Myleene cherishes any family time more than ever.

She explained: "My family means everything to me. I blinked, and my little girls, who used to run around as their favourite Disney characters, Merida and Elsa, are suddenly teenagers. Making memories is more important than ever."

The family arrived at thre resort on 8 April and have been staying at the five-star Disneyland Hotel, which recently reopened after a two-year renovation.

She said: “The moment you walk into the lobby and see the chandelier featuring Sleeping Beauty’s castle, you just know it’s going to be a fairy-tale experience.

“The rooms are light and spacious, and the beds were sumptuously comfortable. Plus, the hotel cast members were amazing, anticipating our needs before we even asked!

"There’s also a swimming pool at the hotel, which we didn’t expect. I guess we had our minds trained on the parks!”

As well as enjoying the attractions at the park, Myleene and her family also got to see a number of shows at the resort, including 'TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure' in Walt Disney Studios Park, and Disney Stars on Parade.

Myleene said: “The characters in the parade were so friendly, and many came to give us a high-five. Minnie Mouse, in particular, gave Apollo the biggest hug. It was magical, and he was over the moon.

"'The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands' was fantastic to see, and it was just the perfect length for little Apollo.

“We all loved “it’s a small world” as well as the legendary Tea Cups and the nostalgic Peter Pan’s Flight attraction. My older children enjoyed Big Thunder Mountain and Hyperspace Mountain

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