R&B singer Mya felt compelled to speak out and slam rumours of a long-running affair with Beyonce's rapper husband Jay Z after receiving a number of death threats from the hip-hop supercouple's die-hard fans, according to her manager.

The Lady Marmalade hitmaker found herself at the centre of cheating allegations at the end of last month (Jun14) after a blind gossip item posted on MediaTakeOut.com hinted that she had been Jay Z's mistress for the past 11 years.

One fan asked Mya about the accusations directly via Instagram.com on Thursday (03Jul14), prompting her to respond, "Never did, never was, never will (have an affair with Jay Z)." She went on to insist she has "too much" respect for herself and the institution of marriage to embark on an affair with a married man.

Now Mya's manager, Mike Killmon, has revealed the R&B star wanted to silence the salacious rumours publicly because she had become the victim of multiple death threats.

Killmon tells the New York Daily News, "At first it (the rumour) was just ridiculous, but then some die-hard (Beyonce and Jay Z) fans start (sic) making threats. She really couldn't care less about the rumours, but she wanted to set the record straight when the after-effects started to become troublesome."

Jay Z and Beyonce started dating in 2002 and wed in 2008. Speculation about the status of their marriage began surfacing in May (14) after surveillance footage of Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z in a New York elevator emerged online.

A joint statement released after the "unfortunate incident" claimed the hip-hop mogul and his sister-in-law had "apologized to each other" and "worked through" their disagreement, although it failed to mention what the argument had been about.