R+B star Mya has hinted she broke up with rapper The Game after discovering he had cheated on her in a revealing new magazine interview. The Game has been open about his past romance with the sexy singer, who played his love interest in 2005 video DREAMS, and now Mya suggests he wasn't faithful in a new interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine. Refusing to name names, Mya confirms she has only had three boyfriends and the most recent one, a celebrity, broke her heart. She reveals she found out about his infidelity in the worst way possible: "Nextel (mobile phone company) was out at that moment in time and when you answer a (random) phone you can hear the whole conversation when a Nextel is picked up. "So, basically, the guy (caller) asked him, 'How was it last week? I heard you did this and you boned this chick.' That wasn't me here last week, so who was it? "So I addressed him. His reaction totally proved everything that went down and he admitted it finally." But Mya was so determined to save the relationship she gave her mystery man a second chance: "I gave my boyfriend a little more time and a second chance and he proved me wrong another time." The heartbreak has made Mya think seriously about committing to another guy. She adds, "It happened with every man I've been with... Something about that doesn't sit well with me... I do not like cheating. I will not cheat on my man."