R+B star Mya fears she's following in her mother's footsteps by dating serial cheaters. The singer reveals her mum, Theresa Harrison, stayed with Mya's cheating father for 10 years after she first discovered her husband's infidelities. And Mya is still trying to step out of her mother's shadow after dating a series of worthless womanisers. She says, "My dad didn't even know about my mom's breast cancer because she didn't want sympathy from someone she wanted to get away from." Mya first learned she was attracted to dishonest men when her first true love cheated on her after taking her virginity when she was 19 - and she stayed with him. She reveals, "It was the best relationship I ever had. It went downhill after he cheated on me. I tried to stick it out, I was so attached in a way you couldn't believe. "I figured every time I wasn't there he was cheating. And that's no way to live. I found myself turning into my mom."