Over the weekend the musical world got a little less emo as rockers My Chemical Romance announced that they were calling it quits in a statement posted on their official website last Friday (March 22), signalling the end of twelve years together for the New Jersey rockers. In an attempt to maybe clear some things up, lead singer Gerard Way posted an absurdly long update to his Twitter feed last night in which he thanked the fans, said farewell, and went on way too long about a bunch of other stuff too.

My Chemical Romance                                        My Chemical Romance in happier times

Coming in at a whopping 1,979 words altogether, Way began the farewell note by going through his morning, which saw him being awoken by the sun shining through his window, only for him to realise that his band are over - "My Chemical Romance had ended." He then went on way too long about finding and freeing a bird trapped in a his library before finally trying to clear up the reasons why MCR split in the first place. Way explained that, owing much to a New Jersey concert the band played last year, he was beginning to sink back into a drug and drink fuelled nightmare that he escaped in 2004, adding that the group had always harboured secret plans of 'self-destruction' should things get too much in the band. Gerard finished things up with a round of thank you's aimed at the rest of the band, their regular crew and collaborators and the fans too.

His brother, MCR bassist Mikey Way, also took to Twitter last night to deliver a more cohesive explanation and farewell, clearing up any misconceptions that the split had something to do with the failure of his marriage. Mikey wrote: "For the record, my relationship has absolutely nothing to do with what just happened. They are completely separate."

My Chemical Romance formed in 2001 in Jersey City and have since release four albums, with 2010's Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys the most recent. Their final release was the compilation of singles; Conventional Weapons.