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yo! does everybody kno that the new mcr song is on amazon and itunes for like $.99?... =]

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by saturnkid13

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mcr are sooo super!they're definatly not splitting, its all the tabloids just finding something to write about(saddos)i love their lyrics and just watched a video of gerard putting on makeup and showing a presenter of some show how to put it on too!i was kind of shocked when i found out how gerard does the black line across his eyes so well, it turns out, he puts tape on his face(he looked so funny with it on)i especially like ray because of his great hair!!does anybody know when they're playing in ireland next??

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by jaffacakeninja

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MY Chemical Romance is the best band ever! Gerard is so sexy too! I own all their cd even their demo! I own it all! I LOVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!!!!!

Posted 16 years 8 months ago by mcr lover@mbsc

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There's a news here in the philippines that gerard way already it true???!!!

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by 2ne

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i LOVE Gerard, he's my favorite band member, but i still luv the rest of the band. what's sad is that their tour never comes to my state. i love their music and everything about them. and i just what to say that gerard said himself that they are not emo, they're punk rock. which one is older, Mikey or Gerard? i think it's Gerard. oh and it was Gerard's 30th birthday on the 9th! happy birthday!

Posted 17 years 3 months ago by iluvgerard&mcr

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Wow, I saw MCR at Wembley and was really lucky to have seen all five, Gerard, Frank, Mikey Bob and Ray as Frank and Mikey are now not playing any near future shows! I was also very lucky to catch Bob's drumstick at the end of the gig XD

Posted 17 years 3 months ago by Jocy

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man mikey way leaving is sad but its sweet that gerard was sweet enough to think about his bro and give him time for his marriage and gerard is really hot so is his bro anyway i think there awesome and this replacement better be awesome to and i bet it will be

Posted 17 years 3 months ago by punk_rocker_1993

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Hi - I've just found a really good little interview with the band on the Channel 4's music website. What's great is that the interviewer doesn't just ask the same boring questions so you get something a bit different.

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by prince_of_cookers

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those freakos!!! how dare those bastards hurt my hero's feelings!!! gerard, are feeling well now? did they hurt you very much?!?? dont worry, im still here... i'll come for you. take care always, gerard... mwaahhhhzzzz... (^_*)now they're really makin me very ANGRY!!!

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by gOtHiC...rOcKgUrL16

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yeah! i love this band is my FAVOURITE band...i love gerard way and company!!!!!!!yeah!!

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by ---Emo-Girl---

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GERARD WAY is sssooooooooo HOT!!! i wanna see him... i wanna see him... I WANNA SEE HIM!!! did anyone find his screen name?!?? i wanna have a nice chat with him soon...

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by gOtHiC...rOcKgUrL16

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i really love My Chemical Romance! especially Gerard Way... i wish i could see this band PERSONALLY in the future. PLEASE GOD ANSWER MY PRAYER! this is what im asking for to happen. and my message to Gerard and Bob... "Get well soon and good luck to your future concerts."

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by gOtHiC...rOcKgUrL16

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what?!?!? my chemical romance are amazing live!they all have so much energy and their SO different from any other rock act ,and yeah they are hot ,but so what? none of their real fans would like them any less if they were'nt! they are such an insparation to any new bands starting out coz of a-their amazing sound b-the great shows they put on c-how much they love their fans and d-their message, it's okay to be different, but never let anyone mess you about and for f*cks sake don't pull the f*cking triggerthey truly are the best f*cking band in existence!!!!!!!

Posted 18 years 6 days ago by ghost-of -you

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Hahaha omg 'mrs gerard ways' comment.. I can't stand girls like that..Ok he is hot but you know. Hm yeah dunnoMy Chemical Romance is f**king great. I just read a funny as interview hehe.Oh yea.. I was reading in an interview how gee used to ask the crowd "who wants to f**k my band"and then he said he's like is that all your here for the bands appearance and how hot they are.. but i was thinking that i would definately be there for the music but what if you loved the band and their music so f**king much that's the reason you would f**k them lol

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by xcemetery_drivex

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My Chemical Romance is the best band in the WHOLE world!!! Gerard, Frank and Mikey are sooo sexxy, but Gerard is the sexxiest!!!I'll do anything for the dude, cos he is sooooooooooooooo sexxy!!!love you Gerard

Posted 18 years 4 months ago by xXxMrs.Gerard.WayxXx

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god i wish i lived in britain. it's just like me to discover the GREATEST BAND EVER when it's already done touring this part of USA. damn u america. always first in line for evrything! wait... ok i'm getting off topic here. MCR is f**kin awesome, life changing band! (not to mention that gerard is hot as f**k)

Posted 18 years 5 months ago by XxVampire_BatxX

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Posted 18 years 8 months ago by bloodyjoker31

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OMG Gerard way is lik the fittest person eva!!they wer playin in dublin 2days ago and i cudn get tickets -i wuz sooooooooooooo upset!!Cant wait 2 get all the dolls!!x x

Posted 18 years 8 months ago by My Chemical Romance

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oh my god i am so excited im oing to c MCR tomorrow in manchester and i bet its reli good! i love gerard way so much i think i will die when i see him. i think they are the verry best band on the plannet at the moment! well i just wanted to say how much i love you.

Posted 18 years 8 months ago by dead turtle

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