Review of Shifting Gears Album by Z-Trip


Z-Trip - Shifting Gears - Album Review

Z-Trip - Shifting Gears - Album Review

Shifting Gears

Hollywood Records

26 th April 2005

Shifting Gears is a Z-Trip resume.

Track two Listen to the DJ features Z-Trip’s insane scratching and Jurassic 5 MC Soup’s silky rapping combining to create an energy that continues through the whole album. The combination of DJ and MC works well to create an old skool vibe ’original beats with real live MCs.’

This live interaction continues on All about the music, this time Whipper Whip represents for the Bronx and the party vibe is maintained by Lyrics born on The Get Down. Mid way through and cue the comedy interlude. Breakfast Club features Murs & Supernatural rapping about eating cereal while watching cartoons, tongue firmly in cheek asking people not to take Hip-Hop too seriously

Z-Trip’s would have done better to let the party vibe run through the whole album. But Z-Trip wants to show everyone he can play any kind of music. What starts as a promising Hip Hop album is contaminated by awful ‘rock rappers.’ Fantastic DJ he may be, but the appearance of Linkin Park and Luke Sick on the same album as Soup, Whipper Whip and Lyrics Born will not go down well with hardcore Hip Hop or Rock fans. Run DMC teamed up with Aerosmith to produce the hip-hop/rock cross-over Walk This Way in an attempt to pacify hostile relations between rockers and rappers. An admirable sentiment but music ain’t the place to start.

The album closes with a moving speech from hip hop pioneer Grandmaster Caz and Z-Trip confesses “What he said shook me hard….he gets choked up half way through…it’s really moving.” Hmmm…what did Z say about not taking Hip-Hop too seriously?

Alex Mula