Review of Sleeping on the couch Album by Wide Right

Wide Right

Wide Right - Sleeping on the couch Album Review

Wide Right - Sleeping on the couch Album Review

Pop Top Records artist Wide Right will be releasing their second album on June 14, 2005

On Wide Right's second album, songwriter Leah Archibald continues to turn traditional rock song writing

Recorded in Detroit, Ghetto Recorders, songs range from pop in Royanne to full throttle rock in I Don't Care to a go happy shout-along in Buffalo Fight Song, which all comes together by Leah Archibald's strong, warm voice and great delivery and attitude

Wide Right's self -titled full -length album has received tonnes of praise and I can see why! It's brilliant, it's not my usual type of music genre however, this is worth the 11.99 that you'll pay down at HMV!

Wide Right are only going to be in America this summer, which is great for you Yankees!

On July 7 th , they're going to be in Buffalo , New York at the Mohawk place.

July 9 th sees the band at Lagerhouse in Detroit and on July 15 th , they are going to be at Trashbar in Brooklyn .

Sometimes the lyrics sound really funny despite this genre of indie rock that's evident!

Most of the lyrics seem to resemble the daily doses of life in the neighbourhood with school teachers and husbands that want company! Something we all deal with or hear about in our lives.

Along with Dave Rick on guitar and Brendan O'Malley on drums, the city in which Leah Archibald writes about, Brooklyn , is still in her heart. She writes about things that may have occurred or about being a mum.

The mum of two always has a point of view in each track especially in Dishrag, a song about a woman stuck in the kitchen and that someone hates their ex-boss because she got fired.

The album includes a Loretta Lynn cover about birth control.

You can almost imagine the Brooklyn trio writing this album as they're slumped in a chair, drinking and just writing the realism.

Candice Finney