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Viking Moses Crosses Album

With a name like Viking Moses and the title 'Crosses' you kind of get a picture of some thrash metal group with an atheist streak However, you couldn't be further from the truth. With his slow southern drawl and dainty lyrics, Brendon Messai provides you with a soft delicate collection of acoustic folk songs, with just himself a guitar and a pinch of piano.

It is a simple album based around a sweet if slightly distorted story of a blossoming relationship with a girl called Emma. In "Little Emma's Smile" there are some endearing lyrics as he sings, "I love the fishes that swim around me / God made the fishes and God made me / I love Emma, her smile's so free / God, may little Emma's smile find me". However one cannot help but think that were listening to a modern day hymn.

In parts 'Crosses' is a little too lethargic with Messai sounding as though he is about to fall asleep. However, the breezy melody of this American folk album is warm and infectious, wrapping you up like a baby in a lullaby of lyrics.

Many folk musicians adopt an alternative persona to fit their music, but Viking Moses is the real deal. Living a nomadic life for over ten years, Brendon Massei has released banjo and acoustic guitar albums under several names. But until now Massei's body of work has received little commercial or critical attention.

Leah Vigon

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