Review of Mixed By Andy Votel Album by Vertigo


Vertigo - Mixed By Andy Votel - Album Review

Vertigo - Mixed By Andy Votel - Album Review
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Vertigo Mixed By Andy Votel

Released 11 th April 2005

Andy Votel has produced a gem of a CD having somehow polished his beloved Vertigo collection of rough stones down producing a 60 minute mix CD featuring his pick of the bunch. Andy’s had an infatuation with the Vertigo rock catalogue for 20 years and explains on the sleeve the choice was tough, “As any symphonic-rock enthusiast will testify, prog rock tracks are not short.” 4 tracks alone could fill up this hour long album and It is testament to this DJ’s skill he has succeeded in arranging a CD grabbing your attention from start to finish, 43 superb tracks squeezed in to 68 minutes of classic psychedlia.

Don’t be put off if you don’t recognise many names on the back cover, your peers will think you truly Avant Garde and any self-respecting muso would give his right arm for this collection. Vertigo records have so many layers they are simultaneously rocky, funky, moody & generally kick ass. Highlight of the album is the mesmerising minute long drum solo towards the end inducing the kind of dizziness you’d expect with Vertigo. This a great record to warm up pre-gig with a few JD and coke, just don’t forget to go out!

Alex Mula