Review of For Crying Out Loud Album by Varsity Drag

Varsity Drag
"For Crying Out Loud"

Boss Tuneage
Album Review

Varsity Drag For Crying Out Loud Album

From the San Francisco bay area, Varsity Drag formed with a mutual love of The Beach Boys and Fountains Of Wayne. Their numbers include Ben Deily, who some may recognise as a founding member of The Lemonheads.

With a sound that is best described as power-pop, Varsity Drag prove to be a one-dimensional act who inexplicably appeal to those in their adolescent years… and even then fall far short of the likes of Sum 41 and Less Than Jake. Tracks such as "Skinny Ties", "Billy Ruane", and "Look At Me" fail to differentiate themselves from one another, and it's no exaggeration to say they make Busted sound like pioneers of the genre – at least they've got some catchy melodies!

The band is not aided by the terrible production, which further enhances the dullness of the tracks. Lyrically they suffer from a combination of predictably and being stupid – "Summertime " informs us that "the car's running fine/how do you define/baby it's Summertime" – excuse me, what? It seems as if they rhyme the first words that spring to mind, and end up committing lyrical crimes (sorry, couldn't help taking a leaf from their book). There is one saving grace to "For Crying Out Loud" – it's over within half an hour. Amen to that.

Alex Lai