Review of Urban Underground - Decandance UK Album by Decadance Recordings

Urban Underground

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Urban Underground Decadance UK (released 02.06.03)

Urban Underground

Decadance UK

2nd June 2003

Your Essential Guide To The Sound Of UK Urban 2003

3 CDs. 30 tracks, 16 of which are brand new and / or exclusive mixes. All the biggest names in the urban scene – Panjabi MC, Artful Dodger, Bally Sagoo, Ganja Cru, Swami, Asian Dub Foundation, Beenie Man. 10 in the shops.

There must be a catch, we hear you say.

Urban Underground   @

Well, if there is, we haven’t found it. Urban Underground is the result of a six-month collaboration between two of the UK’s leading entertainment companies: Decadance is the UK’s leading mid-price record company responsible for putting the record out and Shaanti is the biggest and most successful club / management / independent label in the burgeoning Asian dance scene and is responsible for much of the material on the album. Everything presented on Urban Underground is the latest and best that the scene currently has to offer.

Tracks such as Stereo Nation’s “Mitran” and Shabz’ “Armageddon” are brand spanking new mixes exclusively commissioned for this album. YOU WON’T HEAR THESE TRACKS ANYWHERE ELSE! There are more too – see the tracklist below for full details.

Disk 1
1 Artful Dodger Ruffneck Sound (Basement Mix)
2 Panjabi MC Mundian To Bach Ke (Moonbootika Mix)
3 Jaimeson feat Angel Blu TRUE
4 Dum Dum Feat 1 Shanti Panjabi 50
5 Partners In Rhyme Pyar Kehta Kai
6 Swami Mehbooba
7 Shabz Desi Rider
8 Shabz Armageddon
9 Asian Dub Foundation Strong Culture
10 Badmarsh & Shri Signs (Blowfelt Mix)
Disk 2
1 Ganja Kru Super Sharp Shooter
2 Renegade Terrorist
3 Andy C Body Rock
4 Juttla Dhol Steppa
5 Gunjan Elevation
6 Q Project Champion Sound
7 Transglobal Underground Eyeway Souljah
8 Swami Chez Toi Ou Chez Moi?
9 Episode 13 Sajanna
10 Sahotas Stage 3
Disk 3
1 Panjabi MC Mundian To Bach Ke
2 Mindi Dhaliwal Jatt Da Gundashah
3 Juki Ranks Strategy
4 Beenie Man Who Am I?
5 Stereo Nation Mitran
6 Catch 22 Baby Baby
7 Bally Sagoo Noorie (D&B Mix)
8 2AM Project Kurri
9 Vabiva Sexy Baby
10 Hil St Soul All That (And A Bag 'O Chips)