Review of Feat Ne-Yo, Real Love Single by Trinity Stone

Trinity Stone
Feat Ne-Yo
Real Love
Single Review

Trinity Stone Feat Ne-Yo, Real Love Single

Talented UK female act Trinity Stone come with a strong, smooth, melodic, slice of soulful driven R&B that has a cross over appeal. A track that offers the kind of cross over quality that Eternal turned out for fun at their peak. Ne-Yo adds a certain something to the cut with a strong performance and in honest they compliment each other vocally. I know Trinity have been knocking on the doors for a while so I don't know if this was a track that they recorded a few years back before Ne-yo made it or whether it is something they put together more recently. Either way it's a good track that deserves to be and should be a hit For Trinity Stone.

Real Urban Appeal 4/5 Hit Appeal 4/5

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