Review of Powder Rooms Single by The Q

The Q
Powder Rooms
Single Review

The Q Powder Rooms Single

They are a fizzing fireball of excitement; a raging whirl of vitality with a vintage twist, sprinkled in glitter, just for good measure. The Q are essentially faultless, revitalising and thoroughly effervescent, their sound is completely their own, entirely refreshing, (which not many modern day bands can boast) and they are destined for musical greatness in the not so distant future. They are an all-round talented and determined band.

"Powder Rooms" is a catchy, toe-tappingly-good, glam-rock meets Indie tune. It's utterly genius. The vocals are incredible, the rasping guitar solo is exceptional, and the harmonica solo is orgasmic. Their front-man's vocal capacity is splendid, and is one of the many things that makes this band so enjoyable to listen to. Also their lyrics hold meaning, which, arguably, is one of the defining things about any artist or bands music nowadays. Magnificent.

Danny Black

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