Review of Folly Album by Engineers

The Engineers

The Engineers - Folly - Album Review

The Engineers


As the cobwebbed, dusty old clich goes, every band professes the difference of their sound from everyone else’s, but looks like The Engineers have got away with it.

Their sound really isn’t like anything you’ve heard before, with its Jarre-esque, psychedelic keyboard offering fused together with the ghost-like vocals of Simon Phipps, this Manchester four-piece are on to a winner.

The Engineers - Folly - Album Review

This mini-album is a brilliant showcase of what this band can produce without even trying to be different and just doing what feels right.

The Engineers themselves will admit they are influenced by bands like Spiritualized and it’s not hard to detect their aroma, but the wealth of diversity this band can produce makes certain they won’t be pigeon-holed as their success progresses.

Tracks like recent single ‘Come in out of the rain’ and ‘Pictobug’ couldn’t be more different, one melodic and beat driven, the other trippy and synthesised. But perhaps the nicest surprise is Tim Hardin’s ‘If I were a Carpenter’ expertly given The Engineers treatment.

This is a great mini-album, but will easily leave you feeling unsatisfied with its premature length and will definitely stir you with a start from the zen-like state it will induce.


Jemma Volp-Fletcher