Review of All Talk Single by The Cardinals

The Cardinals
All Talk
Single Review
(Tri-Tone Recordings)

The Cardinals All Talk Single

'All Talk' is more Mancunian geetar goodness from a band who obviously know the city's history at producing some of the most innovative six string slingers with tunes over the past quarter of a decade.

Sure, there's an element of The Chameleons in the sweeping vocals of a singer who wishes to go by the name of Seven for some strange reason, while the swooping guitars and chuntering rhythms hint at a more frenzied Doves battling it out with Mani to see who can get the biggest sound.

That's not to say The Cardinals don't have a unique and recognisable sound, of course. They do – instantly recognisable as and unique to the city of their birth, but hey, if London can get away with a million and one Clash-cum-Libertines impersonators, why shouldn't the north get in on the act, particularly when its as solid and wholesome as this.

Dom Gourlay

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