Review of 3 Track EP Review EP by The Betes Noires

The Betes Noires
3 Track EP

The Betes Noires 3 Track EP Review EP

What can be said that already has not? Known as Belfast's hardest working band with influences of Queens Of The Stone Age, Sugar and Pixies! Can ya tell? Does it matter? No does it F**k as like! Now they are set to release three more tracks onto us, so ya could call it a Sampler what ever tickles your fancy really.
'Last Guest To Leave' has some real energy, which vocally sounds a bit like The Editors and there is a lot of rumbles surrounding these types of bands and that can only be good for The Betes Noires. A track that will certainly get people interested and that is half the battle. Next is 'New Golden Rules' which starts off with an excellent guitar rift. This is very much a start stop kind of track, but it works and fits together to make yet another good track for the Belfast Rockers. Finally the last track on the EP 'Breakdowns' sounds like my car when I am trying to get to a gig!!! But seriously Best way to describe this Idlewild/The Editors vocals with a Snow Patrol sound, can't fault it if you ask me.

This four piece from Belfast are a band to keep your eye on, better things should come sooner rather than later.

Mark Moore

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