Review of We're Already Gone Album by The Beautiful Girls

The Beautiful Girls
We're Already Gone
Album Review

The Beautiful Girls We're Already Gone Album

The Beautiful Girls (none of whom are girls, and none of whom could even remotely be described as beautiful) are a band from Australia, and their music is well worth paying attention to. It avoids typical Aussie rock for a mellow blend of Ben Harper and Jack Johnson with some more Bloc Party moments, although it's never as middle of the road as that would suggest.

Blending rock and reggae for the most part, TBG are clearly a band who are happy with their own sound on this second full-length album. There are even sweet singer-songwriter moments, suggesting a band who choose to make the music they make, rather than, Tracey Emin-like, making only the music their talent allows. The Beautiful Girls can be wholeheartedly recommended to any Ben Harper fan - you'll miss the guitar excellence, but every other element of the mix is wholesomely captured and built upon.


Mike Rea

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