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The Ark
State of the Ark
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The Ark State of the Ark Album

The boys from Ikea country have produced a new sound for their third album "State of the Ark" which can only best be described as a cross between Electric Light Orchestra and David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust".

Self proclaimed as 'Sweden's most eccentric rock band' you can't help but wonder why their music hasn't had more radio play. The album kicks off with "This piece of poetry is meant to do no harm" which you can't help but tap your feet along too. Listening through the first three tracks though you cant help but feel that something is missing, that kick in or break that grabs your attention when listening to an album for the first time. This doesn't become apparent until "Glamour for Glamour", a grabbing track that really shines the 70's Art Rock that they are aspiring too. From then on the album really prooves itself, an album I feel Mr. Stardust would be proud of himself.


Adam Prickett