Review of The Hand You Never Seem To Lend EP by The Winter Brave

Hailing from the US, The Winter Brave formed in 2007 gaining worldwide recognition following a fan Q&A from Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl when the two piece band were praised. And no wonder: 'The Hand You Never Seem to Lend EP' is a confident and raucous sound from the two piece alternative duo The Winter Brave.

The Winter Brave The Hand You Never Seem To Lend EP

'As You Once Were', is catchy and memorable start to the five track mini album, with its thunderous and haunting vocals from Jake Scarpino. The track is a perfect way to open the EP with its slick guitars and punchy sound showcasing what to expect from the Boston band.

Single 'You Got It', which is set be released on July 28, has a festival sound with a memorable and sing-along chorus of "oh oh oh" bringing some deserved attention to the band and their incredible sound as a two piece.  

'Taken', which is the slowest track featured on 'The Hand You Never Seem to Lend', has a melancholy sound displaying The Winter Brave's vulnerable side.  It demonstrations the band's experimentation and potential with its downbeat, heartfelt lyrics. 

Final track 'Away' is the definite highlight from the EP and is a brilliant rock track. Passionate vocals and scuzzy guitars help close an overall well-produced mini album, giving us high expectations of what is to come from The Winter Brave.

The Winter Brave's enthusiasm is there but not enough momentum to sustain the listener's attention throughout the whole EP. 'Meet You There' sounds too similar to 'Taken', slower-paced but less memorable and with a simple yet uninviting tone.  


Chloe Dobinson

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