Review of Plus +++ Album by Taffy

They may have said that Britpop has had its day, but Japanese quartet Taffy might have something to say about that with their perfect Britpop meets shoegaze ethic.

Taffy Plus +++ Album

After a successful visit across the shores to the UK with their second album 'Lixiviate' and subsequent tour, the band have obviously decided to strike while the iron is hot and have returned with their new album 'Plus +++'; a compilation of B-sides and rarities which combine for their new explosion of noise.

Taffy are a breath of fresh air which drowns the sounds that are currently coming out of certain radio stations, but that's another story. This is a Britpop, indie and shoegaze infused slice of noise, which brings a burst of magic to the ears of all listeners.

If you love drums that sound like four people all drumming at once in perfect, spectacular and humanly impossible harmony mixed with distorted fuel fest guitars, as well as the high-energy, full life bass and, finally, the pure vocals of the lovely Iris, then you will absolutely love 'Plus +++'.

Though every song sounds so different even before you hear the vocals, you can't help but feel that signature sound from Taffy - a complex concept that you can only understand by listening to the album.

As soon as you start listening to the first track, 'Tune in a Jar', you find that the guitars take control of your various body parts; whether it be nodding your head or tapping your feet, you will start moving unconsciously in its madness, but it's great. 'Apple Days' is just everything that Taffy are: high energy, shoegaze clashing with pop, and its the only legal high that won't damage your health.

The thing about 'Plus +++' is that, to say there are B-sides mixed in, you wouldn't be able to pick out which songs were the B-Sides because each song is just as strong and awesome as the next. It's just great how one minute you are listening to the sound of colourful, everything-is-happy pop music to then be listening to heavy, fuzzy-sounding guitar riffs like in 'Theron'.

Keep an eye out for Taffy, especially if you haven't heard them before. I can guarantee that you will be trawling through their back catalogue after listening to 'Plus +++' because this album is just mesmerising. Another gem in the Taffy collection, and if there is something you are looking for to reignite your love of music, this is the band to do that.


Mark Moore

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