Review of Lixiviate Album by Taffy

Iris, Koichin, Asano and Ken make up Japanese quartet Taffy who are ready to explode onto the UK scene with London's very own record label AC30. The beauty about this is that you just know that AC30 will do everything to propel this band to greater heights

Taffy Lixiviate Album

After testing the water with a mini tour last year not only does Taffy return for a second bite of the apple with another tour, they are back with their debut album.

'Lixiviate' is like a reminder to us all of everything that was great about what was then named 'Brit Pop'; a mix of what was but, more importantly, what potentially could be resurrected. Taffy show the way with ten fabulous songs (OK, one is a cover but what a version it is!).

It really is hard to pin point any real stand out track on this, but what better way than the first impression? Yes, 'Sweet Violet', the opener, is the first insight into this band and if the entwining guitar riffs don't get you, believe me, the vocals will.

The single 'Tumbling' is a perfect track to let us into what they are all about, it is all their sounds in one , and then they hit you with a brilliant cover of 'Boys Don't Cry' and the only reason that this is on the album must be for their own self-indulgence.

The final curtain is 'No Endings but Only Beginnings'; a great statement in itself and tune too, with heavier and slightly distorted guitars. 

'Lixiviate' should be renamed to 'Intoxication' because these guys have it all; Iris's glorious vocals, and the tremendous, infectious guitar riffs all compiled with the amazing talents of Ken on drums. If you didn't know better you would think that there were two drummers playing on this record (hats off to you, Ken). 

The only other thing to do now is to go and see Taffy for yourself because if you are impressed with the album then you will be blown away by them live.

Mark Moore

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