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Starlight Drive
Beautiful Accidents
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Starlight Drive Beautiful Accidents Album

It's all very well for people to enjoy sitting in their bedrooms strumming guitars and keeping themselves happy, but occasionally they manage to convince themselves that someone else should be listening too. Jared Jay, unfortunately, falls into the English Lit Chick style of music, with aimless melody underlaying wordy quasi-poetic lyrics.

If The Pernice Brothers one day started cranking out songs sausage machine-style, they would have 12 better songs by 08:15 in the morning. Beautiful Accidents is woozy, sofa-on-a-Tuesday-afternoon acoustic music that at no time threatens to become interesting. Aiming at 'dreamy', instead it comes off as 'snorey' and lethargic, meandering through one more verse just because the song hasn't reached 3 and a half minutes yet, rather than because it needs to. The 12 songs demonstrate no real insight into the songwriter craft. Who'd have thought James Blunt was better than someone else?

Rating 4/10

Mike Rea

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