Review of Hot & Cold featuring Dianne Charles Single by Soopasoul

Review of Soopasoul's single 'Hot & Cold' featuring Dianne Charles

Soopasoul Hot & Cold featuring Dianne Charles Single

Soopasoul release 'Hot & Cold' feat. Dianne Charles on Jalapeno Records. Manchester man Danny Hybrid is the man behind Soopasoul. Danny a DJ from the 90's rave scene got bored of dance music and came to love the funk and the live expression of this music. He formed Soopasoul that epitomises funk at its core source.

Anyone who's been to the Jazz Café in London or Hi Fi Club in Leeds will be familiar with this sound as 'Hot & Cold' is a straight up funk number with good vocals from Dianne Charles. It's obvious upbeat quality funk music that we will relate to if you've ever heard a Mastercuts Funk Volume classic. There is good musicianship and Soopasoul are clearly a tight band who enjoys what they do. I'm sure to see these guys live judging by this release would guarantee a packed dance floor. 'Hustlin' featured on this single is much of the same as 'Get On Up' is collection of funk and hip hop sounds you will be familiar with. All in all more of the funk that will please the lovers of this sound.

Tareck Ghoneim

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