Review of Baby I'm tired Single by Si Connelly

Si Connelly

Si Connelly - Baby I’m tired - EP - Single Review

Si Connelly - Baby I’m tired - EP - Single Review
Si Connelly

Baby I’m tired

This is another guy just like Daniel Bedingfield – not bad except he has a girl’s voice. After a while you get used to listening to Si Connelly screaming and rocking out.

The song is definitely the way to kick start the EP and the up and coming UK tour. It sounds similar to “I can’t read you” with the sort of rocky pop and strong vocals!

He has a similar voice also to Gaz Coombes from Supergrass! Quite high-pitched but at the same time lyrical and emotive! The song however is quite repetitive.

"Baby I'm Tired EP" has been confirmed as the first release from Si Connelly. The EP will be released through BB Records / Chrysalis Music on June 20 th and is the debut from the Cheltenham born chap. This is a guy that can play guitar, piano and drums – talented or what! His album may be worth checking out!

The songs are quite short and sweet and sometimes quite mellow and low key like in “By the hour”. This song is like an acoustic session, slow and light with brilliant vocals. I really like this track, it’s a sort of lazy track and quite emotional and musically diverse. It challenges most of the genres such as pop, rock and punk.

To go with this tour, Si’s going to be releasing an album, “This is the plan”, which will coincide with this tour. Some of the dates are as follows:

Tues 5 July - LEEDS - Josephs Well

Wed 6 July - SHEFFIELD - Kasbar

Fri 8 July - PETERBOROUGH - Met Lounge

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