Review of Yes! Tinnitus! Album by Shooting At Unarmed Men

Shooting At Unarmed Men
Yes! Tinnitus!
Album Review

Shooting At Unarmed Men Yes! Tinnitus! Album

Are you a fan of neatly constructed pop? Do you get a kick out of a tuneful vocalist? Does an ornate musical arrangement put a spring in your step?

If you answered "yes" to all or any of these questions then for the love of God do not buy this album, because within the shiny confines of this compact disc, lurk ten specimens of snotty punk-metal, which at times border on the amelodic.

The best track on offer here is "I Am United Nations", complete with Forward, Russia! style scratchy guitars and funky basslines, but this is a meagre consolation in an album of disappointments.

There is no let-up of the stop-start, quiet-loud dynamic for the duration, a technique when used sparingly that can be incendiary, but when used too frequently, as on this record, can be immensely grating. 'At The Drive In' did this kind of thing with much more class, so if it's neighbour-bothering post hardcore you want, dig into their back catalogue, and treat this collection with the caution it deserves.

Ben Davis

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