Review of 4 Da Loverz Album by Sharam Jey

Sharam Jey

Sharam Jey - 4 Da Loverz - Album Review

Sharam Jey - 4 Da Loverz - Album Review
Sharam Jey :4 Da Loverz

Superb! Deep down and filthy.

You’ll all have heard Sharam Jey before, probably without realising, if his name doesn’t ring any bells. Possibly best known for that fantastic Three N one remix of Energy 52’sCaf del Mar’ later remixing, to name but a few of the fifty titles, the likes of Faithless, No Doubt and Moby.

The album, 4 Da Loverz is track after track of ultra modern grooves and eighties style quirk, patched together so well you can almost smell the neon tubes and asymmetric off the shoulder garb. It kicks off with ‘Feel Nobody’. A screamingly good electro number with wobbly synths and 808 kicks and claps and progresses into the stratosphere from there. The title track, ‘4 Da Loverz’, is fierce and makes you think of Deep Dish on a bad trip but undeniably reels you in.

On collaborations Sharam expressed “I wanted new talent,” so pulled in neighbours and friends, “Anyone can drag in a big name but if it doesn’t feel right what’s the point? Where’s the fun?” hence he even takes to the mike himself recording breathy vocals for ‘Message to Love’ and ‘When the Dog Bites’ very effectively.

Some of the tunes on this collaboration are just filthy. We’re talking rude base lines and pumping squelchy noises – head nod-tastic especially the magnificent ‘Push Your Body featuring Brixx’. There’s even a song that could be Justin Timberlake (but wearing Prada rather than trainers).

It could be that Sharam Jey doesn’t like the limelight hence the string of pseudonyms. I say, hard luck fella! You’re gonna have to face up to the fact that some people where created to do what they do best and in your case it’s making the hairs on the back of peoples neck tingle and jump about like they’re single handedly fuelling third world countries…now there’s a thought.

Think Les rhythm Digital, Daft Punk, Dope on Plastic then go and buy ten copies of ‘4 Da Loverz’.

Pete Ainsley