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Seven Seals
Loose Ends
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Seven Seals Loose Ends Single

'Loose Ends' is the title track on a three track EP to come from Seven Seals. Now before I get into any trouble please note that these guys are from the Lake District and my comments are purely what they sound like not where they are from.

Vocally these guys sound like they have been living in Manchester all their lives. When the first line is sung you may thing the Happy Mondays have made a comeback???? Cause it really does sound like a drink/drug free Shaun Ryder. Musically they sound a bit Roxy Music-ish To me if you sound across between Happy Mondays and Roxy Music I would be intrigued to know what exactly that sounds like with those two bands mixed up as the ingredients that make 'Seven Seals'.

'Lassie' is an all singing all dancing Rock track that you would probably associate with the Kerrang channel. Guitars being given the full pelt and I am sure that the drum kit will need replacing after this track. If you are wondering yes I believe it's about the dog. The final track on the EP is 'Radio Kid (Snotty Guitar)' probably the weakest track on the EP and really all put together should be a single rather than an EP.

Mark Moore

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