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Semifinalists DC Single

DC is the third single from the Semifinalists self-titled album. The London trio have been likened to the Flaming Lips & Arcade Fire but this single seems to steer away from those influences just a little and demonstrates another side to the peculiar art-pop rockers. This rather mellow and simplistic pop track features sincere & delicate vocals from Adriana Alba, a warming guitar riff and carries a very laid back Southern US influence. Unfortunately, DC doesn't carry any genuine hook resulting in a single that becomes almost instantly forgettable.

The B-side "Moonlight Bounced" is massive in contrast from the single and features a fuzzy electronic bassline which immediately strikes up similarities with the synth on the Kaiser Chiefs "Everyday I Love You Less and Less". Sonically treated vocals, swirling pads, twinkling synth's and gamey sound FX all add to what is an enjoyable and somewhat odd electro-pop number.

Colin Burrill

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