Review of Self-Titled Album by Saosin

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Saosin Self-Titled Album

Intensity. In some ways it's wasted on the young. What have these kids got to be so intense about anyway? Or maybe it's actually easy to forget that youth is the period that breeds the reasons behind the pains and troubles that carry most of us through the rest of our lives, and that this intensity is therefore valid.

Either that or it could be that it is rapidly becoming nigh on impossible to review yet another band of youths from the USA, intent on carrying their message to the world through the medium of guitars that teeter on the brink of truly rocking, yet ultimately err on the side of safety, without the review descending into a series of esoteric ramblings about the nature of the human condition.

In an attempt to return to the point, Saosin are actually an excellently produced, wonderfully polished outfit, who have created an album full of driving, guitar led melodies, wonderful harmonies, and soaring choruses. Within their genre and musical peer group they are faultless, but sadly this album seems to lack any of the qualities of true musical greatness or longevity.

Rich Edge

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