Review of Fallin Single by Sadie Ama

Sadie Ama
Smoove Records
Single Review

Sadie Ama Fallin Single

Yep; kid sister of the ridiculously talented Shola Ama, an artist that shouldn't just be big in the UK but a world-wide superstar by now, what a strange world we live in. Anyway back to Sadie this debut single is a really nice slick, smooth, melodic, radio friendly swayer that has quality written through it.

Vocally it's like winding the clock back a decade or so, similar tones and quality to the first time we heard Shola. But with guitar based bands and acts dominating the charts and record label deals at the moment you can't help but think that Sadie is going to need something a lot stronger lyrically and production wise to make a real dent in the national charts and to get serious attention from the big boys. Having said that it is a great start to what I really hope will be a long and rewarding career for the next member of the talented Ama family.

Real Urban Appeal 4/5 Hit Appeal 3/5

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