Review of Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth Album by His Name Is Alive

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7. His Name Is Alive Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth (Album - (Love and War))
Warn Defever, a dedicated American musician adept at making rock music, once met a young gospel singer named Lovetta (Pippen). He was so impressed by her voice that he convinced her to leave her choir and join his rock band. He wanted to make an album where her voice was the star rather than the music. She agreed and Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth was born.

The duo started work on the album in 1998 and as Warns sixth album it was to be a far cry from the rock, ambient and surf that his previous work had encompassed.

Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth is a collection of 10 songs and three interludes: emotional ballads and, in the words of Defever himself, simple, make-out R&B . As Defever had intended, Lovettas vocal is indeed the star of the show. She may not have the trademark character to her voice that the Macy Grays or Jill Scotts of this world have but the impressive definition and dexterity she shows makes her more than shine. In one instance she can demonstrate a childlike innocence ( Write My Name In The Groove) and in the next breath she artfully regurgitates the fragile tenderness of Billie Holiday in Solitude and then reaches the glorious high pitches of Linda Lewis in Karins Blues.

Putting emphasis on the vocal doesnt mean that the music has been disregarded. From lo-fi blues to classical to R&B this is an album that has been toiled over. Three years of hard work unveiled and unveiled undoubtedly to a standing ovation.