Review of Don't Kill Album by Rob

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12. Rob "Dont Kill" (Album - Source)
A joyous intro of ELO soaring guitars, an over-generous tinkling on the old ivories and, believe it or not, backing harmonies akin to those heard alongside the delightfully delectable tones of Mr Val Doonican. Well, with all that lot in just the opening few minutes its intriguing to wonder what Frenchman Robs got in store for the remaining 13 tracks.

The somewhat insipid and grating single "Power Glove" is in there as one of the few low points. Other than that hiccup, the album makes some impressive moves. Possibly one major factor in this mans favour is that, unlike his current French counterparts Daft Punk and Air, he steers clear of all things electronic.

He admits a complete chosen ignorance of technology preferring instead to capitalize on his mastery of real instruments. In essence this album feels very French (he does a magnificent rendition of "Je taime") but with an emphasis on fluid strings, pianos and guitars rather than a monopoly of programmed sounds. But traditional instruments doesnt mean indie thrashes. The down tempo "Dont Kill" takes in Donavans acoustics with "Chanson Pour Mes Enfants", Fleetwood Macs rock guitars with the title track, the Ursula Rucker style poetry of "Dont Kill Dub" and the Pink Floyd soaring soundscapes of "Asnieres au Soleil". An odd but magical concoction that will boost your adoration of the French so much that you may even consider sampling a frogs leg for afters.