Review of UKO Album by Uko

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7. UKO UKO (Album - (Klein) )
After their splendid and much shouted about 2000 debt EP Superconductive, UKO remerge from their silence with a somewhat less than inspiring album. Jurgen and Martin Nussbaum would appear to be suffering from sporadic bouts of complacency. The main thread of all the album tracks is a monotony of down-tempo styles that do on occasions remerge as a triumphant pinnacle of interest as with the vocoder delights of Mr Rose, the orchestrated harmonies of Troubleshooter and the deep jazz echo chamber of Smile.

They demonstrate that, as with the latter three tracks, they can hit the mark when they stick their necks out. When they add that extra level or experiment just that touch more they can pull it off better than anyone. But when the easy route is the option, the soul disappears and what could have been something special simply ends up as just another wall of background beats.