Review of Get Next To The Opposite Sex Single by Scanty

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5. Scanty Get Next To The Opposite Sex (Southern Fried)
This is only the third release from Stafford boy Richard Marshall aka Scanty (formerly known as Scanty Sandwich) but already hes been enjoying enthusiastic responses from around the globe. So much so that he has spent most of the last year hopping from country to country, spinning his up-for-it style at varying clubs and venues from Prague to Poland and Milan to Moscow.

Get Next To The Opposite Sex is a thunderous breakbeat monster that may not be up everyones street and certainly isnt knocking down any doors of innovation but its got all the ingredients to make a rampaging night on the tiles just that touch more intense. Hes already seeing support from the likes of Judge Jules and Seb Fontaine, so, if thats your bag and youre up for some serious dancefloor demolition, you could do a lot worse than get your hands on a copy.