Review of Up Here In The Heat Album by Desc

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7. Desc Up Here In The Heat (Album - SL Records)
Sometimes the saying less is more could never be more true. And Desc are one band who would appear to live by this quantum.
This seven track debut by the duo of Dan Mutch and Helena Macgilp is a bare-toothed gnarl at every venture that relies on over-produced and clinically sterile music.
With all their insides showing, tracks like Look After with the prepubescent and mildly wobbly female vocal of Helena Macgilp, and Up Here consisting of only two vocals and a double bass, are a big v-sign to high brow studio production and over polishing.
And things get wierder. City Track, which sounds like The Falls Mark e Smith doing a version of The Velvet Undergrounds The Gift in a slightly dodgy American accent can only really justify one listen before the nerves start to itch.
In many parts too it could simply be a guessing game of noise, oh is that fireworks, or maybe a washing machine, and that sounds a bit like a someone having their head blown off! Mmm, a case of art meeting music may be? Who knows.
This is not an album for the faint hearted but is definitely one for the fair of face.