Review of Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown Album by Various

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4. Various Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown (Album - The Roxy LP)
Fancy a quick history lesson? Don Letts should be able to make it more interesting than your secondary school teacher ever did.
For those too young to remember Letts before the eighties, there was indeed life before Big Audio Dynamite.
It began just before and continued through the punk explosion of the seventies, where, as well as being a inherent part of the coexisting punk and reggae scenes, Letts Djed at the legendary Roxy nightclub. To an audience of emerging punks he spun his own brand of dub reggae. An odd thought but the two scenes, although very different, sat very comfortably together.
This album is what they used to hear. Names you may recognise? King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, Lee Perry and Horace Andy (of more recent Massive Attack fame), to name but a few.
This is sixteen tracks of an era that has passed but a sound that still continues to influence and infiltrate into much of todays music.
A superb selection of real and raw tunes and a history lesson that, for once, might not have you falling asleep.