Review of How To Get Home Album by The Bush The Tree and Me

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2. The Bush, The Tree and Me How To Get Home (Album - Epic)
Its a phenomenon unfortunately far too scarce to be able to draw many comparisons.
There were the squeaky clean and slightly uncomfortable looking Bangles in the eighties. And in the nineties, well maybe the Corrs (with 1 male addition). There are a plethora of female singing groups to refer to, but an almost complete void of girl bands.
But if you were to imagine the outcome of four female musicians, playing the cello, acoustic guitar, clarinet, cello and keyboards, you probably wouldnt be far from the Bush, The Tree and Me.
Sentimental, flowery and ultimately very girlie, their debut album How To Get Home, is a colourful and daydreamt blend of acoustic guitars and classical instrumentation, overpowered by the piercing and almost boyish vocal of lead singer Paula Cox. Think The Sundays mixed with Shellyan Orphan mixed with the Mamas and the Papas. Very twee and not everybodys cup of tea but for those who like that particular brew, the taste will be very pleasing indeed.
An up and coming tour supporting the Divine Comedy means an all too often lacking thumbs up for the female music fraternity. Go on Girls.