Review of Synchronschwimmer EP Album by Seelenluft

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11. Seelenluft "Synchronschwimmer EP " (Album - Klein)
"Synchronschwimmer" is, funnily enough, the German word for "synchronised swimmer" (ah, so that's why my French studying classmates said I had an easy time of it with my "eins, zwei's and drei's"). But, if you failed to suss the translation, the bevy of delightful, bikini clad beauties (unfortunately minus the customary nose clips) adorning the album cover couldn't fail to trigger off the connection. So, first hurdle over with. What's the second connection, the connection between the title and the actual tunes?

Well, apparently, composer/producer/musical maestro extroadinaire, Beat Soler (the translation here eludes me I'm afraid) has been inspired by Hollywood choreographer Busby Berkley. As a result he composed these choice tunes for the Swiss synchronised swimming group "Acapulco 11" who last year performed several underwater shows, in Zurich.

Call me a cynic but the fact that the aforementioned photos appear just that touch too 1950's plus the fact that a faint whiff of cow manure has just breezed in through the window of my city flat makes me doubt the validity of that little story. But spin doctoring and scepticism aside this is an ace album. Heavily jazz induced with dramatic sweeps and stabs here and there.

Like a coming together of Red Snapper's plunging bass, DJ Cam's sparse beats, Lemonjelly's genial daftness and one-thousand-and-one producer's idea of a juicy film soundtrack. Top stuff (even though it's still impossible to imagine any self-respecting "synchronschwimmer" paddling her pinkies to it).