Review of A Break from the Norm Album by Various

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6. Various "A Break from the Norm" (12" - Gut)
In inimitable Norman Cook style he manages to pull out of the bag three full on party corkers. A feeder for the soon to be released album compiled by Mr Cook, this 12" is a collection of classic hidden treasures that the man has uncovered during his many years of vinyl abuse.

Tracks here include the over enthusiastic hip hop extravaganza of Stik E & The Hoodz "Shake Whatcha Momma Gave Ya". A Lulu (?) Track "Love Loves To Love Love" which has an intro to die for (even if the rest of it is a touch too Lulu) and the ultra cheeky "Young Scene" by Keith Mansfield.

You could imagine the Carry On Team having a bit of a twist and jive to this one on one of their sunny Mediterranean jaunts. This is the carefree, fun side of retro pop music. The side that Mr Cook has always been so good at representing. And it's a good way of saving yourself hours sifting through junk shops for those undiscovered rarities.