Review of Club Anthems 2001 Album by Ballboy

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12. Ballboy "Club Anthems 2001" (Album Review- SL Records)
Edinburghs ballboy have been in existence longer than your average band. They havent yet made it to the realms of superstardom. In fact its very unlikely they ever will. John Peel is a massive fan. The lead singer Gordon Mcintyre and keyboard player Kate Griffiths are both primary school teachers.Some songs such as "Public Park" sound like James from their "Hymn From A Village" whilst others sound like early Wedding Present with a bit of New Order thrown in for good measure. "Olympic Cyclist", one of the aforementioned Mr Peels favourite songs of 2000 is on there, as are the remaining tracks from all three of their previously released eps.Theyre good. A cultist Scottish chic that doesnt capture a time, and manages to sound dreadful whilst sounding great, and sound low maintenance but kind of complicated too. Everyday lyrics delivered in an endearingly laid-back manner make the songs even more attractive.