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12. 310 "After All" (Album (The Leaf Label) )
Imagine Tommy Guerrero (Mo Wax folk guitar aficionado) deciding to hold an intimate recital inside the empty belly of some poor unsuspecting whale with its booming heartbeat for the backdrop and the Cocteau Twins in charge of all the musical arrangements. If you can manage to conjure up a picture of that obscure Yellow Submarine style storyline then you are someway towards grasping the vacuously brooding sound of the opening track of "After All". Native New Yorkers Joseph Dierker (DJ and "inventor") and Tim Donovan (engineer) aka 310 happily stick with the whale location for the remainder of the album but make some slight changes by swapping the heartbeat for a clock and Tommy Guerrero for Brian Auger supported by trickles of muffled vocal, hip-hop beats, minimal trumpets.

This is not an "easy listening" album. I dont mean "easy listening" in the daft sixties lounge sense of the word but "easy listening" as in "not easy to listen to". What 310 are trying to do with their music doesnt readily sink in. It takes a bit of concentration. You need to listen closely or youll undoubtedly miss the subtleties that make this album. The moody instrumentals work on creating haunting atmospherics (in the Brian Eno sense of the word) with hinted suggestions of repetitious, reverberating sounds. 310 is an unclassifiable concoction of wayward beats, organic sounds and confusing melodies that need and deserve your full attention.