Review of Classical Chillout Album by Various

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4. Various Classical Chillout (12" - Virgin)
For the uninitiated in classical music, the ignoramus (like myself) who in those quieter moments has yearned to listen to something without a beat, without any computer trickery or chopped up samples, your luck could now be in.
How many times have you seen a film or advert and wondered how to get hold of a copy of the music; to find out who wrote that stunning string arrangement or tear jerking piano solo. Well those kind people at Virgin have managed to pull together seventeen classical (and classic) tracks, about seventy percent of which you are guaranteed to have heard (and loved) before.
Youll be secretly rubbing your hands from start to finish. Yes, at last youve got a copy of the Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence theme tune; the pretty background from the Simple advert you know the one, or the soundtrack that covered the most tender of tender moments from Frankie and Johnny.
Impress your parents at the dinner table with your knowledge of Beethoven, Bach and Vivaldi, or simply open your ears to a different side of music that you cant fail to enjoy.