Review of Faze Action presents Pure Braziliance Album by Various

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11. Various Faze Action presents Pure Braziliance (Album - Fuego)
Fuego Records recruited the unmistakable talents of brothers Simon and Robin Lee (aka Faze Action) for this, the first release in a series of compilations. As the duo have a certain penchant for all things Brazilian, it seemed inevitable that this be the musical theme of the album.
As well as choosing a fine and favourite selection of tracks from their own DJ repertoire the brothers Lee also manage to do a grand job of delicately mixing each track into the next an unusual occurrence on any Latino album.
The first half of Pure Braziliance may not be everyones idea of Brazilian music. Once past the initial Airto Moriera style percussion madness of the Fertile Grounds Peace and Love, the album sticks more or less to the safer, more girlie songs. Such as Victor Davis Sound Of The Samba (undoubtedly influenced by Terry Calliers distinctive brand of Brazilian folk); or the Pat Metheny vibrophone and guitars of the Harry Morse Project.
Halfway through, however, the mood changes and for the better - with highlights such as the monosyllabic conga workout of Russ Gabriels Supermarket and the more contemporary and enchanting Batteri by Kahuun.
So, if elevator music and the more sickly sweet side of Brazilian music is not your thing, you may have to pick your moments but those moments are more than worth the wait.