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7. Various Christmas On Death Row (Album - Death Row)
AhhhChristmas time. Eugh! Loads of dire Yuletide compilations from desperate record companies hoping to make that extra buck before the books are tidied up for the New Year.
Now heres a funny one. Christmas is meant to be all lovey dovey. You know; smiley faces, candle light and tinsel, that sort of thing.
But, the front cover of this release pictures Father Christmas with a black bag over his head waiting to be executed in the electric chair with parental advisory emblazoned across the bottom. Now, thats not what youd call the festive spirit but It makes a refreshing change in a warped, sick kind of way.
And the album gets off to a promising start with Snoop Doggy Doggs headliner. Its about as sentimental as the man could get with the aptly titled Santa Claus Goes Straight To the Ghetto. Another festive hip-hop tune ensues with The Dogg Pounds I Wish. And then the rest is made up of smooth R&B tracks by the likes of Guess and Sean Barney Thomas, and covers such as Frosty The Snowman, Silent Night and White Christmas.
Warning bells as well as Christmas bells may, at this point, start ringing in your ears. .
Yes, it does get exceedingly spine shrinking, with slushy songs such as Michelles Silver Bells and B.G.O.T.I. and 6 Feet Deep & Guess Silent Night. But, when the weather gets cold and the trees twinkling and you like nothing more than to smooch to some sentimental, sick-bag grooves, this could be the solution for warming your cockles quite nicely.
If on the other hand youre a cynical Christmas Scrooge (like me) leave very well alone.