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5. Various Eastern Conference All Stars II (Album - Eastern Conference)
Within the first few minutes of this albums opening, its apparent that were in for a smooth and enjoyable ride. Eastern Conferences own Smut Peddlers deliver one hell of an intro with their funk infused and hard hitting track The Red Light.
But Eastern Conference are no strangers to complements. Since their birth in 1996, this label have displayed a knack for picking up some pretty special hip-hop talents, talent who provide the backbone of All Stars II: such as High and Mighty, Skillz, Cage and Copywrite.
Not only that but the collaborations theyve pulled off have included some of the top men on the scene. This album alone features favourites such as Jurassic 5, Kool Keith, Big Daddy Kane and and J Zone.
With an impressive twenty strong tracklisting of new material, they dont drop one bad one. The tracks go from the harder, more experimental edge of Cages Crowd Killa to the more funk fuelled, young MC stylee floor fillers like Last Emporer and Mr Eons Thats Whats Up, to the Curtis Mayfield influenced Royce Da 59s Nickel Nine.
Eastern Conference are steadily working their way to the top of the ladder and this album tells you exactly how theyre doing it.