Review of Get Crunked Up Single by Iconz

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14. Iconz Get Crunked Up (12" - Relentless)
What the words get crunked up actually mean is anybodys guess. What however is certain is that as this lot have been around for quite some time they must be a touch peeved about label mates The So Solid Crew beating them to the top of the charts.

As their Miami counterparts they lot may not be quite as well armed, having only a measly 8 members compared to the So Solid Crews 73 (or whatever it is) but the ideas the same. Theyve even got the token female (Supastarr). The 8 MCs describe their sound as a nice mixture of Miami bounce and a Caribbean feel. Some people may actually prefer to describe it as watered down hip-hop and a load of cheesy, mainstream rubbish and who am I to disagree.