Review of The Gospel Comes To New Guinea/Coup Single by 23 Skidoo

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1. 23 Skidoo The Gospel Comes To New Guinea/Coup released 8th October (12" - Ronin)
Using organic free-flowing drum breaks in a manner similar to the marvellous Latyrx, 23 Skidoo have come up with a monumental and inspirational epic with The Gospel Come To New Guinea and its ten years old. Despite its age this tracks sounds as fresh and groundbreaking as it no doubt did in 1981.

And if you ever wondered where The Chemical Brothers got those dynamic beats from on Block Rockin Beats, look no further. The B Sides Coup of 1984 spills the beans. The point? Two decades of 23 Skidoos mind-blowing music is about to be re-issued on CD. So, if youve got more than an ounce of brains, youll be down your local record shop placing your orders now.